Design Process

Designing with the goal in mind

My process has been refined over time to ensure my work goes beyond the visual but solves the user’s problem. I stay flexible throughout the product design journey in order to accommodate the needs of the project and solve challenges as they arise.


Indepth conversations with stakeholders to dig deep into their vision for the product. This is where the scope and objectives are defined.


Gathering information about the industry and target audience. This is where we identify their pain points and opportunities for the product.


Using the acquired information to craft a tailored user experience. With  the use of wireframes and prototypes, the product starts to come to life.


Refining the user experience to ensure it aligns with the product vision. This includes a few revision rounds.  It also includes validating concepts and ideas.


Ensuring the user experience meets the business expectations. It also includes gathering feedback from potential users for iteration.


Delivery of all assets required to successfully launch the project and get it into the hands of the users.