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Lemon Heaven is a franchise organization that provides fresh lemonade, cotton candy, hot beverages, and mini donuts to event attendees across North America through their two amazing brands: Lemon Heaven and Cin City Donuts. While I worked with Reshift Media, I had the opportunity to redesign their National/main, Franchisee Location and franchising  website.

What I did

UX/UI Design, Information Architecture, User Acceptance Testing.

The Problem

Lemon Heaven was established in 1995 and they have grown as a franchise to almost 20 locations. However they had a website that was outdated, not user friendly, difficult to navigate and lacked their brand personality.

As a franchise organization, their  website needed clearly defined pages about their products, how to find them, existing franchise locations and franchising information for the potential franchisees.

Defining goals

After several conversations with the Lemon Heaven team, they provided feedback from the users concerning the  challenges of the existing website, the goals were broken down into 5 major parts:

Increase visibility of franchise locations

Showcase products

Improve navigation

Strong brand personality

Attract new franchisees

Understanding our audience

The target audience can be divided into 2 categories:

Primary Audience: These are  buyers of the products who are looking for locations closest to them to purchase Lemon Heaven products.

Secondary Audience:  These are  Potential franchises who need information in order to become a Lemon Heaven franchisee.

Research Methods

The following research methods were used through out the project

Stakeholder Interviews

Usability Tests

Competition Benchmarking

Customer Feedback/Surveys

Mapping out the structure

Designing a website that serves multiple user types required mapping out the structure in order to understand the flow of information.

Design Iterations

Sketches and wireframes helped me define the layout of the pages and iterate before investing in the Hi-fi designs.

Showcasing products

Part of the goals of the project was to showcase the products to customers. We were able to achieve a more visually engaging section by including interactions and prominent call-to-action buttons.

Switch to desktop to see the widescreen preview.

The Event Finder

Most franchisees operate at events. The existing website simply listed the locations and did not take events into account. This made it challenging for customers to find them.

We decided to take it a bit further by including an event finder map. To make this functional we designed a back-end where franchisees can upload upcoming event details and locations which will be populated on the map.

The map was designed to only show events happening today. This will allow customers to quickly look up events happening in nearby locations. Other upcoming events will be listed below the map.

Switch to desktop to see the widescreen preview.

The Franchising Section

Another important goal was to attract potential franchisees. The existing site had a page that contained franchising information. The volume was overwhelming and difficult to digest.

We took this into consideration as we designed the new franchise section. The information was broken up into relevant sections/titles with a clear call-to-actions for Franchise Enquiry.

Final Designs

After several iterations and revisions, we finalized the design. Here's a preview of the landing page.

Switch to desktop to see the widescreen preview.

Responsive Design

A large percentage of the site’s traffic is mobile from sources like Google searches and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By adjusting the typography and stacking order, we were able to create an equally pleasing mobile experience.


80% increase in website traffic

25% growth in digitally generated customer inquiries

30% increase in Google's first page ranking

This project showed the importance of walking alongside the client throughout the design process. The end result was a website that hit the defined goals and left them feeling empowered.

Thanks to Reshift Media's SEO team, there was an increase in the site visibility with an increase in organic traffic and better Google rankings.

Today, customers can visit the site and easily find events and locations serving Lemon Heaven products. Potential franchisees also have access to all the information in a organized fashion for them to take the next step in their journey.

See for yourself

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