Cybersecurity Product


Segura is a cybersecurity company focused on providing a variety of security services to multiple clients. I had to the opportunity to design an enterprise software that integrated all their services into one.

What I did

UX Design, UI Design, User Research, Design System

The Problem

The services provided by Segura were split into multiple products. This decentralized architecture forces clients to continually switch between products which can be difficult to manage and time consuming. There are also inconsistencies in the design language and visuals of the different products

Defining goals

After gaining clarity on the challenges of the existing system, the goals were broken down into 4 major parts:

Simplified Data Visualization

User Friendly Interface

Easy Navigation

Visual Consistency

An Agile Approach

Segura had a fast-paced environment with an aim to deliver value to clients without complexity. Focusing on small releases, the team remained spontaneous by responding to changes as fast as possible.

The design process.

It began with understanding what the current problems were. For this, I facilitated user interviews. Some were done virtually while others were by questionnaire. Once insights were gathered, they were shared them with the development team and product owners. We went through this loop till the designs were refined.

The Design System

It provided a common language to communicate with developers. It contained all the elements in the UI, from colors to typography to more complex components. It helped to speed up the front-end development time and solved the problem of visual inconsistency.

The Landing Page

Potential clients would be directed to the landing page. It was important for it to clearly communicate the value of the product and reflect the brand personality.

Understanding User Roles

Certain functionalities and UI elements are unavailable depending on the user’s role and permissions. Keeping this in mind was necessary to ensure all user roles had an equally pleasing experience.

The Dashboard

Its purpose was to distill complex information into a simple format to aid decision making. It also gave clients a sense of the benefits of their investments in Segura’s services. Each metric had drill down capabilities to allow users to dig deeper for insights.


Being a product used by major companies, it was important for Segura to meet industry standards in regards to accessibility compliance. I worked with the developers to perform thorough checks on the UI to ensure it met the WCAG 2.0 standards. I also designed a Dark Theme with higher contrast values to give users the flexibility to choose a default theme that would be saved to their profile.

Device Monitoring and Threat Detection

Giving clients the ability to monitor and track their devices was a key requirement. Users have the ability to perform complex searches and filtering on data tables as well as drill downs to get to the root cause of any potential threats.

Mobile Responsiveness

Even though 90% of users are on desktop, Segura wanted to make accommodations for users who may want to access certain parts of the product using mobile devices.


Being a part of the Segura team was a big leap in my product design career. By collaborating with product managers and developers, we built a product that achieved the desired goals. Today, Segura's clients have access to all their services from a single and unified enterprise platform.

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