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Reshift Media is a digital agency based in Toronto, Canada. While I was working with the agency, I had the opportunity to redesign their website. The existing website was dated and did not reflect the agency’s expertise and new brand identity.

What I did

UX Design, UI Design, Information Architecture

The Problem

The existing website was built a few years ago and since then, the agency has grown in size, clients base and  variety of services offered. They also had a complete rebrand of their identity. However, the overall design of the website needed a refresh in order to properly reflect the growth.

Existing clients had confidence in the agency’s expertise and credibility, but potential clients were often put off by the site’s design

Defining goals

After gaining clarity on the challenges of the existing website, the goals were broken down into 3 major parts:

Lead Generation

Easy Navigation

Strong brand personality

Understanding our audience

Reshift Media is an agency that focuses on small-to-mid scale, multi location franchise businesses. The target audience for the website are the decision makers in franchise  businesses within US/Canada that are looking to expand their reach.

Marketing Executive


Canada/US based

Decision Maker

50-500 Locations

What other agencies are doing

Looking at other agency websites gave us insights into the ways they handled the overall user experience, navigation and the brand identity

Mapping out the structure

With a significant increase in the number of services provided, mapping out the hierarchy between the pages was useful to understand the overall site architecture and information flow

Creating a blueprint

Wireframes helped me define the layout of the major pages and iterate before investing in the Hi-fi designs

Design Iterations

By creating a simple design system for the colors typography and components, I was able to rapidly iterate on ideas and concepts. After multiple rounds with the team, the chosen designs for the different pages were further refined.

Redesigning the blog

The Reshift Blog is one of the primary sources of traffic to the site. The goal was to take what was existing and redesign it to be more user friendly and easy to navigate.

The recent comment section was converted to a trending section to bring more focus to the value of popular articles. The most recent article maintained its hierarchy as seen in the previous design. The blog search was also repositioned for better visibility.


As an agency involved with major companies, it was important for Reshift to lead by example in regards to accessibility compliance. I worked with the developers to perform thorough checks on the site to ensure it met the WCAG 2.0 standards.

Color contrast was one of the most challenging issues due to the primary color’s light blue shade. This was solved by testing multiple colors in the same hue that passed the AA mark.

Final Designs

After several iterations and revisions, we finalized the design

Switch to desktop to see the widescreen preview.

Responsive Design

A large percentage of the site’s traffic is mobile from sources like Google searches and social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. By adjusting the typography and stacking order, we were able to create an equally pleasing mobile experience.


Being a part of the transformation of the Reshift Media website was a huge learning experience for me. The spirit of collaboration between the project manager and developers helped us achieve the desired goals as a collective.

I learned a lot about accessibility compliance.

Today, Potential clients can visit Reshift media’s website and have more confidence in the services they offer.

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